It may be impossible to accurately state when and where the game of soccer is originated ,or it becomes very difficult to find out who invented soccer or when people actually began to play it.A game similar to soccer was played by the ancient Greeks and Romans but their game could include maximum of 27 players on a side compared to the modern day game of 11 players to a side, while others suggest that a similar sport, referred to as the Cuju, was played in China, Kore and Japan way back in 2,500 BCE. advantage of casino welcome bonus

Soccer became one of the most popular sports due to its popularity. A game of "football" which the British called it, was played in the east of England.During medieval times,there were no structured rules to abide by and kicking, biting, gouging and punching turned the game into a virtual battle of survival.These matches became so violent that the senior authorities made so many attempts to have soccer banned. new games in this summer

The game of soccer became so popular in England over the next few years that it evolved as the most popular sport of its time all in one casino site
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